Friday, May 18, 2012

hey there.. how is it going?

been a looooong while since i wrote anything, aside from invoices to clients and client proposals. since we last met each other, i gladly can say that i am in the process of establishing another business here in jakarta... completely on my own (a bit silly, but i am confident it will work)

made my first client proposal last night for a venture that a couple of friends own - daunting, scared, excited and nervous were all what i felt. just hope for the best i think, and see what they reckon. it's a pro-bono in the hopes that when they get big and tremendously successful, i'll be able to taste some of their sweet nectar by way of referrals.. ambitious? yes.. smart? definitely..

never realised the blog business is going to be hard work though.. i mean, i saw 249 page views just on the 13th of May alone for my other blog.. with 1 entry!!! while the views came from a very specific site i dare not mention here for privacy purposes ;) it's a daunting realisation that people actually look at what you write and um, take note, well mental ones at least.. to.. well, i don't know what to actually..

so tell me, what have you been doing? am always good at asking the questions, listening to stories never telling them... see you!!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

a novelty title

Well, hey there - how is it going? Don't think I have ever written a personal blog entry before... Or never really kept up on writing them to be honest. I have a number of blogs intended to be used as a marketing tool, a pseudo-website, but never a personal one.

I always thought it was self-indulgent for me to have a blog of my own, with  my own personal entries and snippets of my life. Or, simply because I don't think my life is interesting enough to warrant a blog of MY OWN. But hey, here's to me, kid! Who cares anymore? I know I don't...

So, anyway, greetings! My name is Fariz, a 26yo something who studied accounting and finance at the ANU (yes I hear people cringing.. It was CANBERRA, and I got in just cause I was lucky, not that smart..) - now currently working in a Jakarta law firm as a finance manager. I dabbled in my own business for a bit when I was back in Australia, have a Company (of which I should do something about), an interior design idea (yeah, it's hard to continue when your clients are your friends) and took a stab at a number of ideas throughout the years. My good friend Nancy reckons it's because I have my fingers in absolutely every pie, it's hard for me to choose one that I would actually like to pursue.

She may have a point.

I live alone now, in a house down in South Jakarta with a live-in maid and a full-time dog who is as spoiled as a 5yo prince, HRH Pullo Rachman. I'm fat (oh, I won't even be politically correct by saying overweight) and have been struggling with my weight since I know it. I have a partner, though, so I reckon he's alright with the fact that I'm fat :) - I have a gym membership that I don't use as often as I should, a car that I overuse and too many cell phones.

I reason these many phones with my many "ideas".

Am a planner, I prefer to plan things ahead, so if any of my ideas take off - I am administratively prepared. I love to comment on social justice issues, a stab at patriotism and a taste of capitalism. I classify myself as a socio-capitalist, where socialism values lie side by side with capitalistic pursuits - meaning, I give a lot when I have a lot...

Anyway, I find myself blabbing. So I'll leave you with a pioneering entry. Hope I don't get too bored especially when no one is viewing or commenting on my page, as I not so secretly want to be a celebrity but lack the total confidence to go at it full-time (or commitment phobia as my friend Nancy insinuates) - but hey, who cares right?

Write you soon..